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RF Coaxial Connector Adaptor
The high perform between series adaptors, please inform us what you need.
SMA RF Coaxial Connector
SMA connectors are subminiature units designed to provide high electrical performance for microwave applications up to 18 GHz. Constructed with Brass or high quality Stainless Steel, SMA connectors ensure excellent durability and mechanical strength.
High Performance BT43 Coaxial Plug Connectors
BT43 connector for cable: PLUG and JACK connector Coaxial connectors ranges: standard (12.7 mm), high density (10.0 mm), and ultra high density (9.0 mm) We offer trustworthy quality, good service, and a fast delivery schedule Our top grade products are sold at highly competitive prices  BT 43 coaxial connectors ranges featured in the catalogue include both the standard (12.7mm), high density (10.0mm) and ultra high density (9.0mm) versions of type 43 Digital Distribution Frame (DDFmm) plug, sockets and U-links, as well as ancillary products such as SMB, SMZ, BNC connectors and adaptors.   1. Good Performance   2. Reliance Design   3. Competitive Price

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Over the last few decades, the world has become considerably smaller.The development of communications and travel has meant that no part of the world is ever too far or too remote to be reached by modern day man.However, no matter how big the gap between two points of communication is, no matter how complicated the route, it all starts with a simple connection.